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News from Val d'Isere

  • Cross country ski race

    Cross country ski race

    On the 4th February, a cross country American relay ski race will take place. It is open to all. It's near the Intersport shop, it's free and it last 20 min. Join in!
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  • Share the trip

    Share the trip

    Val d'Isere to Geneva is an expensive trip by taxi and a dreadful one by bus. SHARE this trip with Europe transfer, it will cost you 85€
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  • Artificial snow, how it's made?

    Artificial snow, how it's made?

    Behind this banal and unattractive garage door you will discover the most sophisticated snow making factory in Europe. Just book yourself at the Tourist Office, it's free.
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  • Snake gliss in Val d'Isere

    Snake gliss in Val d'Isere

    These sledges look like a snake on snow. On Friday 16th January at 5.45 pm on the Savonette nursery slope, the challenge will be to beat the record of the longest snake ever.
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  • Je suis Charlie, Val d'Isere

    Je suis Charlie, Val d'Isere

    All over France, there will be gatherings as a show of solidarity following the shocking attack on the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. Val d'Isere is a small village who wanted to do something....Radio Val, invite people to meet at 3pm on Sunday near the Office Tourism.
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